Die New Yorker Künstlerin Carolyn Agis besucht derzeit die Meisterklasse an der Kunstakadamie Düsseldorf und eruiert mit ihrem Projekt „The Connected Mind“ die Erfindungsgabe der Ehrenfelder Designer.

The Connected Mind is a series of short videos that visualize the circulation of ideas currently in discussion at the DQE. This includes overarching topics such as urban agriculture and sustainable design. Integrating animation and live action footage, The Connected Mind maps the points of intersection between projects at the DQE and connects the ideas behind these projects through the idea of a water supply system.

The water system of a city connects all of its occupants through a network of pipes. At once we tap into the same sources and contribute to the same wastes. A city's water system allows the public to participate in a vast cycle of use and reuse; thus, providing a rich image of communication or the distribution of ideas. From one tap to another, an idea travels through pipes hidden between walls and underground to be used by a network of unknowing participants. To illustrate this idea in this series, a character known as the little red thread travels from one project to another through various means of water, including sink faucets, watering cans, and washing machines. Always the little red thread finds its way through the vast water network, to weave points of connection across disciplines and actions cultivated by the DQE.

By utilizing the framework of a water system, The Connected Mind provides a cohesive view on the projects and investigations currently in process at the DQE and hopes to push the public awareness of these themes to a wider audience. After all, video, like water, is easily digestible.








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